Eliminating Fatique Signs in the Skin During Travel

Posted by Dr. Teri Dourmashkin on 12/9/2015

In a fast-paced lifestyle which requires a constant fight to reach success, keeping a young, fresh, and sharp appearance is mandatory. While constant travel still presents an issue for the healthy and youthful appearance of facial skin, there is a routine that can eliminate these effects both externally and internally.

Using a set of finely tuned antioxidating products to eliminate fatigue signs at specific levels in the skin is necessary.

Step One: The Detox. A purifying, facial detox cleanser with witch hazel and green tea to start, can greatly diminish the array of toxins and pollutants that allow fatigue to set in at the cellular level. This can be done before the flight or on the plane. What needs to be considered here, is that one must leave the cleanser on with lather for more than 30 seconds. Otherwise, none of the essential ingredients will absorb. Detoxification is also important to prepare the skin to react efficiently to the next two products.  

Step Two: Restructure the skin. Using concentrated derivatives of vitamin A, C, and E, along with peptides (smaller proteins) and botanical extracts called phyto-matter (botanically derived complexes), the skin can reconstruct itself from an uneven skin texture and smooth out imperfections. This has a short term and natural botox-like effect which enhances the skins features, eliminating fatigue signs. Using this during the flight after the detox cleanser increases its effects.

Step Three: Boost the eyes. Tired eyes can break the deal in the meeting. Using a gel or cream that includes a brightening and lifting solution does the job. Including another dose of concentrated phyto-matter along with tripeptides and botanical stem cells, this can help connectivity within the under eye skin cells to level off any imperfections.

Eliminating the signs of age and fatigue with a one-time application of this routine is useful to recover for one meeting. Yet, consistent use of the anti-fatigue routine in conjunction with keeping hydrated on a daily basis results in an internal change to protect the skin from looking fatigued.

Written by Rodrigo Diaz of
Experienced skincare professional and entrepreneur


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