Inflammation is the Common Denominator to Aging Skin

Posted by Dr. Teri Dourmashkin on 12/12/15

Inflammation is the bodys response mechanism to a wound or an infection and it is a natural response to trauma. Without this biological process infections and wounds will not heal. Inflammation is the trigger mechanism within the body to begin healing process.

Researchers have determined inflammation is a common denominator behind skin challenges such as skin aging. It is a necessary process for skin rejuvenation, except in chronic situations where inflammation becomes destructive to the body and skin.

There are two types of inflammation: chronic and acute.

Acute inflammation can last for days, responds to the body to begin the healing process. Chronic inflammation is when the immune system attacks normal skin tissues and prolongs the healing process, which can lead to a variety of illness and diseases such as: rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimers and diabetes.

Chronic inflammation has been linked to treatable and preventable skin conditions such as visible aging of the skin. When the skin is disrupted during the inflammation process platelets are released in the body and the skin to renew and heal the area.

It has become necessary to treat Inflammation and the cause of inflammation, scientifically known as the root to many skin challenges.

The best way to treat inflammation is found in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rich ingredients.

Anti- Inflammatory ingredients found in but not limited to: D-alpha, L-glutathione, cinnamon, green tea and antioxidants found in: vitamin A; kale, carrots, and pumpkin, vitamin C; citrus, broccoli, brussels sprouts and vitamin E; tomatoes, olive oil, carrots and walnut oil should be part of a daily skin regimen and should be part of a healthy diet.

In addition to the importance of treating and preventing inflammation, the use of natural SPF 30 sunscreen helps reduce the skins aging process and by using natural skin care products.

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