Five Tips for Natural Acne Treatment

Posted by Dr. Teri Dourmashkin on 7/1/2015

Try these products to treat acne.

1. Dudu-Osun Black Soap

This natural soap imported from Nigeria has been very effective helping people deal with outbreaks of acne and with the discoloration of skin that often goes along with acne.

Dudu-Osun black soap can be used on the face and affected areas. One trick that can help the skin is to leave the dudu-osun lather on your skin like a mask for 15-20 minutes before washing it off.

2. Nubian Heritage Black Soap

A non-traditional black soap that contains active ingredients that fight against the causes of acne.

3. Green Tea Cream with Tea Tree Oil

Good to use after washing your face with Dudu-Osun or the Nubian Heritage Black Soap. The green tea nourishes and restores your skin while the tea tree oil continues to fight against breakouts. Green Tea Cream will also even skin tone, often an issue with acne.

4. Dead Sea Mud

A dead sea mud mask used for 15-30 minutes in the evening will really make a difference and may be the key to a really clear complexion. Every dead sea mud that we've seen, including the dead sea mud we prefer to carry, claim to help acne but warn against using on the face. This seems to be contradictory as that is the area most people want relief the most.

From experience we know the dead sea mud can be used on the face but recommend that you try it in a small area first just in case you are sensitive, and keep the dead sea mud well away from eyes, nose and mouth.

5. Shea Butter

All the work that you are doing to cleanse your skin and keep it acne free may leave your skin dry. To restore nourishment and just the right amount of moisture to your skin we recommend using some natural Shea butters. The best Shea butters, whether scented or unscented, are unrefined (also called raw).

Apply a small amount of Shea butter to your face before leaving the house, especially on days with bad weather conditions (cold, windy, rainy, very hot).

Try This Four-Step Acne Fighting Plan

Wash your face several times a day with Dudu-Osun black soap: or Nubian Heritage Black Soap.

Mask your face for 15-30 minutes in the evening with Dead Sea Mud.

Apply Green Tea Cream with Tea Tree Oil before going to bed and in the morning to nourish your skin and fight acne.

Apply Shea Butter as needed to fight the weather and to keep your skin clean and fresh looking, naturally.

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