What Do You Need to Fix Your Makeup Properly

Posted by Dr. Teri Dourmashkin on 6/29/2015

Let me show you some important tools to apply your makeup perfectly. Before becoming a beauty consultant, I didn't know how to do it but I've always wanted to be impeccably dressed up.

Fortunately, I've learned then found  the best way to be beautiful and prettier every single day in my life, that's why I can tell you, all you need is a good makeup to complete your look to start you day magnificently. At the end of the day, you will be so proud of yourself that your level of self-confidence will be tremendous.

Here are some tools to apply your makeup.

The Mary Kay® Brush Collection features five professional-quality brushes that come in the custom Mary Kay® Cosmetic Organizer Bag. The bag is roomy enough to add your Mary Kay® compact, lip gloss, mascara, other makeup applicators and more!

Cheek Brush

Domed, natural bristles are ideal for sweeping color along cheekbones. Swirl cheek color in a circular motion along the cheekbones, starting at the apples of the cheeks. Swirl cheek color in a circular motion along cheekbones, starting at the apples of the cheeks.

Powder Brush

Natural bristles help provide even application of loose or pressed powders to help “set” foundation and to apply bronzer to contour the face. Bigger brushes help with easy blending. Easily apply powder starting in the T-zone and dusting outward to the edge of the face. Or apply bronzer across the bridge of your nose, temples, cheekbones and shoulders to create a gorgeous, healthy-looking glow. Blend loose and pressed powders with ease, starting in the T-zone and dusting outward to the edge of the face.

Eye Color Brush

Natural bristles help allow even application and beautiful blending of Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color. Apply color first to the areas of the eyes where you want to see the most color (lashlines or outer corners of the eyes), and then blend into the larger eyelid areas. It’s important to clean this brush often, since you can use it to apply multiple eye colors daily. Use the Mary Kay® Eye Color Brush to apply Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color with even application.

Eye Crease Brush

Tapered natural bristles help provide precise application for depth and definition along the eye creases. This brush is also great for contouring the eyelids and for creating smoky effects. Begin by placing the brush at the outer creases of the eyes and sweeping color inward. Use the tip of the brush to add brightening highlights to the inner corners of the eyes. Contour eyelids and create smoky eye effects using the Mary Kay® Eye Crease Brush.

Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush

Firm, angled bristles of the eyeliner brush allow controlled definition of lashlines or brows and help to create a softened eyeliner application with mineral eye color. On the opposite end, stiff bristles on the eyebrow brush help tame hairs and help set eyebrows in place. The mini comb helps to remove mascara clumps from the lashes.

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