5 Benefits and Tips of Water for Hair Growth, Retention and Health

Posted by Tamia on 6/9/2015
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The benefits of drinking enough water are well known, but this is not only a health issue you should keep in mind. Drinking water can greatly influence the way you look, and especially your skin and your hair take great advantage of having a good fluid balance in your body.

Hair is made of 5% water

While 95% of your hair is made of protein, the remaining 5% is made of water, and, when you are not drinking enough water, this will reflect on your hair, too. You will notice it losing its shine, and the structure of the cuticle will become brittle and prone to breakage. Split ends are just the beginning of the effects caused not drinking enough water.

Water is great for hair growth

Do you want your hair to grow faster? Drink lots of water! You will notice your hair starting to grow faster and healthier, and it will regain its natural shine. This is related to how everything in your body is connected, and how hair is nourished from the inside. If you have a good intake of fluids in your body, your hair will be healthier, too, and it will be stimulated to grow faster.

Water against hair loss

Water is yet another great remedy against hair loss. Because your body starts to manage the resources it gets to function, it will not allocate too much for your hair, and this quickly reflects in hair loss. While hair loss can have multiple reasons, it is worth checking your drinking water routine, to see if there is something wrong with it.

Combat frizzy brittle hair with fluids

The difference between shiny soft hair and frizzy brittle hair can often be how much water you drink daily. Water hydrates your entire body, including the cells in your hair cuticles, and you can find one of the cheapest easiest recipes to combat frizzy brittle hair, by getting enough water in your system every day.

How much water should you drink?

The usual recommended daily intake of water is around 6-8 glasses. However, you need to keep in mind that the necessary amount of water you should drink can vary greatly from one person to another. Factors like age, gender, height and weight can influence this amount, so start by drinking water throughout the day to keep you hydrated, and increase the intake, as you notice positive results.


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