How Vodka Can Tone Sensitive & Mature Skin

Written by KimC of Wife, Vet, mother of 2. I've made soy candles and personal care items for almost 10 years. I love all things natural and fragrant. I'm passionate about sharing what I love and love to make with others... good stuff.
So as everyone who knows me knows that my skin is super sensitive. The combination of sensitivity and psoriasis has taken it's toll so I'm very limited to what I can and cannot use. I've been very pleased with Aveeno's Positively Radiant Face Cleanser, but I've wanted more. Something more natural, more in line with what I'm building Zhi to be.
I was thinking about my aunt... she passed recently and I was thinking about how much I missed talking with her. I gathered myself and started researching the various oils and floral waters I could distill to make a toner that would work but not irritate and she came to mind again. Of course, this time with the big light bulb over my head. Hahaha! I love her!
I recalled how she told me the ways she and her sisters "did what they had to do" to stay clean.  She told me she used vodka and I remember like yesterday that I laughed so hard... she was so serious and so very cool about my disbelief.  I just wish I had listened more intently.
So the consequence to not getting her recipe is that I've had to do the research and come up with my own.  So here goes... I've been using this mix for a few weeks with no reaction what-so-ever.  I do hope it will work for you!
  • 1 Tsp High-Proof Vodka
  • 4 Drops Rose Otto
  • 4 Drops Rose Absolute
  • 1 Drop Lavender
  • 2 Tsp Witch Hazel
  • 9oz Rose Water (can be purchased or homemade)
  • 10oz or Larger Glass Jar with Lid
  • (can be a mason jar or something you can shake to mix the ingredients in)
  • Pour vodka in to the jar first.
  • Add rose otto, rose absolute, and lavender.  Shake vigorously to dissolve the majority of the oils.
  • Add rose water and witch hazel.  Again, shake well until blended together.
  • All done!
How to Use
Be sure to give the mix a vigorous shake every time you use it as ALL of the oil will not dissolve. Grab a few cotton balls and use as you would any other toner.  
Everyone's skin is different so be sure to test it on a small area FIRST--along the chin line is where I test--to be sure you'll not react to the mix. 
Let me know how it works for you!
Stay beautiful...

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