Are Beauty Extensions Right for You?

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I can tell you personally that I was never a girl who liked to wear makeup I thought it was necessary to wear it. You look fine the way you are! I remember always watching my mom put on makeup and she would always tell me that I had to wait until I was older to wear it!!

So every once in a while I would wear nail polish and lipgloss! I thought to myself maybe if  I can look pretty like my mom, then I can't wait to start wearing makeup.

My favorite TV show in the 80's was the Cosby show and there was an episode where Vanessa she tried to sneak and wear makeup when she wasn't supposed to she had to wait until she was 15 when she was only 13.  She would go to school without it and come home with it on her face. It got her in trouble.

So it made me realize don't try to grow up so fast.

According to the Huffing Post "in a study of women ages 18-25, 67 percent said they use between zero and three products in their morning hair and beauty routine." As beauty conscious and self conscious as us woman can be, I think many woman are figuring out yes it is great to use beauty extensions but we also have natural beauty. I think I have figured that out in life.

As a teenager I would wear makeup only for special occasions and even then it wasn't a lot, nail polish, mascara, maybe even lipstick. My prom was great. I remember the experience like it was yesterday!

First it got postponed due to the weather so I had to get my hair done again. My makeup was done by my mother and it was done tastefully and very natural looking! It made the night a lot better knowing that even though this is the second attempt at the prom. It was worth it.
I really didn't date to much in high school, I would hang out with friends and for the prom I went with a group of friends. when I went out with my friends i would wear some make up. But not all the guys that I talked to were interested in girls wearing make up it was more about natural looks and personality, so high school I didn't really wear make up to much just me.
For my wedding I got my make up done by my cousin and she did a phenomenal job! And got a lot of compliments from people about it!! I was very pleased. In my adult life I don't wear cosmetics as much. But recently I have gotten really back into the artistry and feel of making myself up. Too much fun. My blog is going to illustrate my journey, all the fun, and all things I have learned about beauty, cosmetics, and fashion. Plus many other issues affecting woman without getting too heavy.

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