Get The Glowing Skin You Desire With These Secret Food Rules

This post is contributed by Ron McDiarmid, who is the founder of My Healthy Living Coach. Having had health challenges along the way Ron was keen to share the research and learning he gathered. Through MHLC this continued into a current presentation of healthy lifestyle choices and how to implement them. Check out his website at

Have you ever noticed how a radiantly healthy person can light up a room? This glow is directly related to how well one takes care of their body. Having skin that’s clear and vibrant is possible with the right products. However, it’s the foundation of a healthy diet and exercise as well as other vital lifestyle choices that will ultimately determine the health of one’s skin.

Skin is the body’s largest organ. The skin is also the body’s last stage of detoxification. If the liver and kidneys become inundated with toxins, those toxins will manifest themselves on the skin. This is why people addicted to alcohol will usually have red and harsh-textured skin, while those whose diet includes a lot of processed and sugary foods will have acne.

Not choosing wisely about the foods we eat can negatively impact the skin. And so it only makes sense that choosing healthy foods can benefit our skin. Read on to discover a few healthy ways to improve the look, feel and tone of your skin.

Say Hello To Hydration

Drinking water is crucial if the goal is to have skin that’s soft and radiant. When our bodies don’t receive enough hydration, the only other place the skin can obtain hydration to pass on to the body’s essential organs is from its surface. One simple way to confirm dehydration is to see if your lips are dry. The average individual is advised to drink at least two liters of water per day. The taller or larger a person, the more hydration they will need.

Eliminate Sugar

Sugar is the food that will most dramatically affect the skin. Eating simple carbohydrates and sugar causes blood glucose and insulin levels to spike. These spikes damage collagen. Collagen is a structural protein, responsible for the elasticity of the skin. When one eats processed sugar, this destroys the skin’s tone and accelerates the development of wrinkles.

Break Up With Bread

Processed grains are nearly as damaging as straight sugar, as they have similar insulin-spiking and skin-ruining effects. If you must have grain, choose whole grains. Gluten-free and sprouted grains like millet, buckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa pack more benefits than their processed counterparts.

Love Living Foods

Choosing to consume fresh plants whenever possible can have multiple skin benefits. A diet of mostly living, raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds will keep your skin aglow.

Get Familiar With Greens

Radiant skin is the result when you consume dark leafy green vegetables. These provide essential vitamins and minerals that healthy skin production requires. As well, they provide micro-nutrients that add extra glow.

Beautiful Berries

Berries offer high anti-oxidant content, which protects the body from free radical toxin damage. Berries are also high in flavonoids, a type of antioxidant which protects the skin from sun damage as it increases skin softness. The smile you get from indulging in delicious berries can also take years off your appearance.

Introduce Red And Orange To Your Diet

Brightening up your diet with red and orange foods can also brighten the skin. Not only are these foods high in the lutein and beta-carotene that are vital for skin development, but they also help to maintain even skin tone. Bright foods like tomatoes, carrots, and goji berries are also great foods for the skin. And melons like cantaloupe and watermelon contain precious hydrating nutrients. Foods high in vitamin C like oranges and other citrus fruit will not only help to heal blemishes, but will also produce collagen and keep capillaries healthy.

Fats Can Be Friendly

The right kinds of fat can do wonders for your skin, specifically those fats which come from coconuts, seed, avocados and nuts. A big benefit for this skin can come from soaked raw almonds, which are chock full of vitamin E and have alkalizing properties. Vitamin E not only preserves skin tone and radiance naturally, but also protects the skin from oxidative and sun damage. Beneficial skin fats also come from Brazil nuts, which have very high selenium content. Selenium protects the skin from age spots and cancer. Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA) are crucial for the reduction of swelling and inflammation. They are especially helpful in the treatment and healing of eczema and psoriasis.

Find Good Bacteria In Fermented Foods

The beneficial bacteria which live in our intestines must be maintained so that they can do their job of supporting digestion. The good bacteria – otherwise known as probiotics – are what help maintain balance in the gut. Optimal digestion function allows for the more efficient processing of food, which reduces the likelihood that skin will suffer from an overload of toxins.

Keep Minerals In Mind

A wide range of minerals is responsible for keeping the skin healthy and vibrant. Many minerals come from leafy greens and nuts. However, supplementation is wise, considering the poor quality of the world’s soil. Among the more important minerals for skin health are magnesium, iron, and selenium.

Don’t Lose Any Sleep

Although not a food rule, this final suggestion for the best skin will have a monumental effect on how you look and feel. Avoid those under-eye bags over the long term by simply ensuring you receive enough sleep each night. And by ‘enough sleep’, we mean quality rest in a room that’s cool, dark and quiet for 7 to 9 hours a night. Beauty is not something that can instantly appear with the change of an outfit. Rather, it is a natural outer expression of both happiness and self-care. Treating your body like a temple by being mindful about what goes into it will result in a radiance that everyone will notice.

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