Top 5 Benefits of Egg Whites




Guest post by Kyle Ward

I was just reading through some of the top myths on the weekend and I came across the good ole burn remedy of Egg whites. Apparently, it isn’t true, but then I remembered reading something about eggs being used in tissue regeneration a couple of years back and so I started searching for the research paper. A quick search in the NCBI website did indeed bring up the article, but I am afraid that they were using EGG Yolk Oil in their treatment and not egg white. Nevertheless, it does not take away from the countless other benefits of this delicious treat.


Okay, this one was obvious; they are very nutritious and contain the bulk of the protein found in eggs. Egg white from a single egg typically contains about 4 grams of protein and only 17 calories. Add to this, the different vitamins and trace salts found in it and you have a win win situation.

Weight Management

This may come as a surprise to some people, but eggs in general rank high on what we call the satiety index and can help you feeling full. Studies in this regard have shown, that people who have eggs for breakfast, feel fuller than those having the same amount of other breakfast favorites like bagels. It enables them to eat less for up to 36 hours. The main reason for this is the high protein content, present in egg white, which ranks very high on the satiety index.


This benefit can be considered as a sub factor of nutrition. This is primarily due to the presence of Vitamin A, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin. We have all heard that Vitamin A is essential for proper eye function, and I guess elaboration on the point is not required. But, researches have shown that lack of Lutein and Zeaxanthin are one of the major causes of eyesight degeneration as well. They are both found in eggs. But, we are afraid that the egg yolk wins over here. As more of these are found in egg yolk than egg whites, so if you are not counting calories, eat a whole egg.

Muscle Mass

If you have gone to the gym, then you are already aware of this correlation. There are countless diets and products out there which employ egg white in one form or another to support increase of muscle mass. The underlying reason is the high protein content once more. Protein is required to build muscle mass because simply said, muscles are made up of proteins. Guess what you do not have to drink those bland mixtures any more, as I was going through some and I found some egg white protein chips on groupon.

Face Masks

Now my favorite part, egg white can be used as a face mask to replenish and tighten your skin. It can be used alone or mixed with lemon, or honey, or both lemon and honey. Lemon would of course add a cleansing touch to your mask and honey is, well, a part of almost every beauty product that you use. This obviously will not compare to the specialized natural beauty products, but it will serve you well for using in-between orders. Skeptical? I will not even back it up with a link to a study. All you have to do to test it is to go the kitchen and separate an egg white and apply it. You will feel the difference. If you suffer from egg allergies, please proceed with proper medical advice.

So, if eggs are one of your favorite foods like me, then have no fear, for most recent researches exonerate eggs and especially egg whites from the perceived negative health benefits like increasing cholesterol levels. Enjoy.


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    I’ve heard that there’s a lot of benefits that can come from egg whites. I didn’t know how nutritious they are! Not to mention they can be used to make face masks meant for tightening your skin. Thank you very much for sharing!

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